1. A few pictures from our inaugural Pages & Spreads event which took place June 29th, 2013.

    Pages & Spreads is a unique event for sharing printed matter. A meeting place for publishers, artists, retailers and collectors dedicated to the production of books, catalogues, periodicals and zines. 

    A pop-up reading room of sorts. Which will share the tradition of publishing, and how it will continue to design new means by which to communicate.


    Girls Club
    Diet Gallery
    Miami Rail
    Jai-Alai Magazine
    Doodlers Anonymous
    the end
    Miami World Internet Cafe
    Brian Butler 
    Lazaro Rodriguez 
    Nina Hartmann 
    Electric Lunch 
    Dale Zine
    Rob Goyanes
    Carolina Menendez & Stephanie Palma

    For more information on Pages & Spreads and upcoming events, please visit our website,

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    whenever I talk to people about wanting to finish this degree in publishing, and they look at me like I’m crazy….ha!
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    Pics from an event I hosted last Saturday with Books Are Nice.
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